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Pit Bike Frames

pit bike frames

pit bike frames - Pit Bull

Pit Bull Ban Deed Not Breed Metal Bike Motorcycle License Plate Frame Holder

Pit Bull Ban Deed Not Breed Metal Bike Motorcycle License Plate Frame Holder

Give your motorcycle a touch of style and individuality with this high quality premium motorcycle license plate frame made of polished steel with shiny chrome finish. This durable frame weights 7 ounces and measures about 7.5 x 5 inches outside. The distance between two holes is 6 inches. This frame fits most standard USA motorcycles.
The lettering and artwork are done with weather and carwash resistant vinyl that lasts for many years. All of our products are brand new and well packaged.
Show your individuality by displaying this frame on your bike. This item also makes a great gift. Sophisticated and trendy, your frame will be the perfect finishing touch on any vehicle.

84% (9)

The Purple Bike

The Purple Bike

This is Madison with her custom Russ Denny track bike, in the OUCH Pro Cycling Team pit at the 2006 Elite Nationals.

Nobody makes anything small enough for her in a stock frame, so we asked Russ (who lives about 10 minutes away) to build her something. This is the result.

To the left is another Russ Denny, which belongs to world champion Sarah Hammer. Beyond that is the new(ish) workout equipment that's been added to the infield in turns 1/2.

In front of the gym equipment is the new netting. The infield currently has two basketball courts and a volleyball court laid down (if you can believe that) and the netting prevents wayward balls from ending up on the track (anymore).

All of this may sound just awful to folks elsewhere in the world (how could you pimp out the velodrome infield for basketball?) but that's life in the US. This is a multi-purpose facility, and while it may seem bad (and I have no idea what the plans are for this stuff when the World Cup arrives) I can say, it could be worse.

Years ago, at the "old" track that was on the CSUDH campus, the 1984 7-Eleven Olympic velodrome, we hosted a national cup event on Saturday morning. The Saturday morning after a punk rock concert. I was injured and involved in promoting it, and when we arrived for setup, the track and infield was covered with trash, broken glass, cigarette butts, bottles, cans, piss, vomit, assorted clothing, underwear, and gum. Worst of all, the stage had been trucked in and out through the backstraight gates. At some point, the truck caught the permanent railing and bent it about two feet out, so that if you were riding the rail, say for a flying 200, you'd impale yourself on the end of it.

I couldn't bend it back using my pickup and (of all things) a firehose. To my knowledge, the rubber from my tires remained there until it was torn down to make way for ADT...

Imagine our chagrin at having to tell all the visiting national and international riders that there were some areas you shouldn't ride because we hadn't had time to sweep, not to walk or sit on the grass because of the excrement and puke, and not to ride near the boards on the backstraight!

Jeunet Fix Gear

Jeunet Fix Gear

A 1970's Jeunet Road bike. This was my uncles, he rode it at UVA in the mid 1970s... Recently we pulled it out of the basement and he gave it to me. Not having a fix gear, I decided to convert it. I originally wanted to paint it, but got too lazy...

About everything that could have gone wrong with this project has... Let me start by saying this bike was a little small for me to begin with. Not to mention its a french bike.

First, My bottom bracket was a little wiggly and I wanted to switch the french spindle out with a standard 68mm spindle... the french ones are a little smaller and don't work. I ended up getting a threadless BB which is a little wiggly allready (bike hasn't even been completed yet) Second, the fork my boss gave me was too small, I ordered a fork from two different bike shop suppliers, and they were out of both of them! (thanks alot, 1 inch steerer tube!) Next, I ordred the wrong flippin brake and the wrong brake levers!...

Onto the Drivetrain
I got a 42 tooth bmx chainring to mount onto a bulletproof crankset. I got a flip flop freewheel hub and meant to get a 15 tooth track cog. I ended up accidentally ordering a 16 tooth, which makes it a little easier to pedal. Once I actually mounted the cog and the chainring, I found they had a 5 mm spacing difference from the center of the frame. I stuck a 2mm spacer on the freewheel, but I didn't have any thread left for a lock ring. Now I have ordred the right brakes, and some crank spacers. I can't wait to see what happens when Its time to put a chain on!

Today I ended up stripping down an old Fuji with a broken frame I had lying around. The fork fit! I was so happy! exept its a Fuji-gray grungy fork and the stem was pitted. I got help facing the crown mount for the headset and got that on today. I had to order a quill stem and I have bar tape and bars waiting to be used.
This project is nearing completion! Once J+B and Quality ship their orders to the shop and I have a little free time I'll have a brand new 30 year old fix gear!

pit bike frames

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