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Pro Cycling Manager 5

Pro Cycling Manager 5

The best in the Series Pro Cycling Manager wins a major Stage Race thanks to its new 3D Engine, rich and detailed Environments and many other new Game-Play Elements and Improvements. Take Part in all the major Stages and Cycling Seasons in a Way you have never experienced before. As a Manager, you control a professional Team and are responsible for Contracts, Training, Budgets and Sponsors. Devise a winning Strategy and optimise your Team's Skills as you try to win the many Competitions and finnish on the Winner's Podium. Pro Cycling Manager offers 1.500 perfectly modelled Cyclists, 43 official Teams, 20 national Championships and over 450 Stages and Competitions in full 3D!

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Shaun Cyr

Shaun Cyr


Canadian pals Mickey Keenand Shaun Cyr popped Chelmsford’s into the newly opened Wild West restaurant Billy Rays just opposite the ice rink for a bite.

Alligator steaks were on the menu so their conversation was snappy!

Chelmsford Chieftains new Canadian import Mickey ‘The Mouse’ Keen is establishing himself as a Riverside favourite with 20 goals plus 15 assists in his first 13 games.

And he put in a spell-binding personal best with Chieftains when he cracked in five and one assist in their 9-8 nailbiter away win at Solihull on Sunday October 17.

Left-handed Keen, aged 24, was hired by player-coach Karl Goebel together with right-handed defenseman Shaun Cyr, (pronounced sir) 25, who happens to be Mickey’s old college pal, the pair having played together at Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pennsylvania, in the Varsity Ice Hockey team.

Keen is believed to be the first Chinese-Canadian import to play for the British team, had average stats over the last four seasons of 23 goals and 25 assists in 29 matches.

Keen’s ethnic-Chinese mother Angelina was born in Shanghai while his father, Gib, has British roots.

Keen and Cyr, both from British Columbia, shared digs and cemented friendships at Mercyhurst College.

He and Cyr replace Canadian imports Andy Hannah, who returned home, and Mark Stokes, now high in the scoring stats with Blackhurn Hawks, joining established imports, top-scoring forward Rick Smith and Goebel.

Keen, an Indy rock fan, decided to come to England almost on the spur of the moment - putting on ice a career in broking almost a year after graduating with a BA degree in Business Finance.

”I wanted to see the world while I was still youngish and had dreams of maybe playing in Florida; a mixture of sunshine and ice seemed to be the one to go for!” said Keen.

While Keen was contemplating his future, by co-incidence Cyr was approached by his old Summerland junior ice hockey pal Goebel to join him at Chelmsford.

Goebel had seen Keen play once against his Alaskan college outfit and had so impressed him that he asked Cyr to invited his college friend.

Cyr had just completed a second degree at Mercyhurst and it wasn’t long before both agreed to up stakes and join Chieftains.

Keen was encouraged in his early years by his father Bill who built a small outdoor rink out the back yard.

”They are easy to make. Just a few plants of wood, a sheet of plastic for the flooring and then you spray it with water in the winter and it freezes over. Canadian kids take to ice hockey like the British do to football.”

Keen says he is beginning to miss his parents although he has lived away from home for over five years.

They run the family business, Keen Sports shop, in his small hometown Quesnel.

”Dad’s getting on in years now and part of me would like to be with them,” said Keen.
His brother Don, 28, and sister Karen, 27, also live away from home, in Vancouver, and both play recreational ice hockey.

”I’m not planning long term because of the family situation, but I am going to make the most of it and try and see the country while I am here , “ said Keen.

Cyr, who hails from Summerland, was also encouraged by his parents Gib, a phone company manager, and Kathy, a nurse, to take up the game, as were his brothers Greg,27, and Brent,20.

Greg, a multi-role player, first went to the former Yugoslavia as an import and then spent three years with Lee Valley before playing in Holland and then coaching a Junior A team in Washington.

He now manages a company back in Summerland and plays recreational hockey.
Brent, a centreman, has just taken up a scholarship at St NorbertOs College, Green Bay, Wisconsin, may follow the import tradition established by his big brothers.

”We came originally from Northern Manitoba where its cold enough for outdoor rinks and I began skating at three years of age,"said Cyr.

Led by former American coach Brad Doshan, Chieftains won promotion last season for the first time - so pressure on the four Canadian players to deliver the goods again is high.

Despite a shaky injury-hit start to the season, Chieftains have managed to get through to the quarter finals of the Autumn Trophy.

Keen explained: “Although we are used to a higher calibre of hockey back home you don’t spend so much time on the ice because there is a squad of 20 for the bench coach to choose from.”

Cyr chipped in: “Over here we are out on the ice for much long shifts - 40 to 50 minutes on ice can be wearing - and the standard is a lot higher than we expected.

After the first few games I was feeling totally exhausted coming off the ice at the end of the game.”

"We are both starting to do weight training to get into better shape. It's a big challenge," says Mickey, a cycling fanatic, who brought over his mountain bike from Canada along with his hockey kit.

Dynamite shack Cougar Creek

Dynamite shack Cougar Creek

Cedar makes great building material for those, like these early miner's, with limited tools and finances. Split cedar cross rails within this shed held dynamite boxes with air all around them, to keep the powder dry.

I still have the side of one of the woodend dynamite boxes I found near this shed. In black printing (faded badly) it reads:

High explosives
Pacific Powder Co.
Tenino, Wash.

So here is the background to the photos you will see in this set:

I ran a trap line as a high school student. After walking my trapline many miles before and after school I bought a Honda Trail 55, which opened up lots of opportunities for me in the nearby Cascade Mountains. Areas I had walked, I could now ride to and then park the trail bike and hike farther into the mountains. I LOVED exploring historic and scenic places back then, same as I do now as a retiree.

To reach the Lennox Creek area, I would ride my Honda Trail 55 up to Snoqualmie (you know Twin Peaks country below Mt. Si). Then a long dirt road would take me up the North Fork of the Snoqualmie River. I took many side trips up to lakes and peaks along the way but the Lennox Creek area was always my favorite.

Turning up the Lennox Creek canyon there was (and of course, still is) a sheer cliff above the left bank of the creek. I would watch mountain goat and use binoculars to explore the adits from the old mining days, across the creek.

While in high school I honestly met an old miner with a Gabby Hayes hat, donkey, Santa Claus white beard, and mining supplies neatly lashed to the back of the burro. We talked.

I was told of the mining cabin up Bear Creek and some of the best placer mining for gold up Cougar Creek. I couldn't wait to start hiking and exploring the area. I did so over many years following my high school days.

The mining cabin up Bear Creek had a sign on the door inviting anybody who wanted to use the cabin, to do so, but please leave all belongings there and leave the cabin as found. Simple, fair, and that advice was followed for many years.

The only photos I found of that cabin are in this set and were taken when there was plenty of snow. I can picture the interior of the cabin as if it were yesterday.

We climbed to the top of Bare Mountain as I had done on my own, the first time I visited the area.

The other mining area was harder to find. The first time I tried to hike up Cougar Creek (with Cougar Lake or Goat Lake on my mind), I found no trail on the right bank but plenty of devil's club; downsloped alder; downed timber; big boulders and all other obstacles you could imagine. Then I found the miner's trail on the north side of Cougar Creek (left bank).

I remember the magis of hiking on my own and finding the old cabin with window glass in place and looking good. Since it didn't have an invite note on the door, I never went into it.

A cleverly designed cache shed was leaning but standing near the cabin. It had cedar rail shelves, which I was told was where a placer miner would store his dynamite boxes to keep the "powder dry".

I still have one of the old wooden dynamite box sides (mortis and tendon joints) from the scrap pile around the cabin.

Black lettering on the wooden boxes is barely legible:

High Explosives
Pacific Powder Co.
Tenino, Wash.

Later I took my wife up to show her the cabins and I also took a backpacking (bushwhacking) trip up from the cabin to Cougar Lake. The lake was frozen over and we had a real adventure getting up the cliffs to the lake.

So some of the photos in this set are of Bear Creek and Bear Mountain the others are from Cougar Creek . Both creeks are tributaries of the lovely pool basin Lennox Creek.

There was lots of mining equipment (big and heavy) up the Bear Creek canyon back then. Most is probably still there.

The photos were taken with an inexpensive film camera but I hope those of you interested in the area can overlook the photo qualities and enjoy the trip back in time to an area with a rich history.


Most photos in this set were taken in the mid-1970s.

mountain bike finance

mountain bike finance

Cycling For Profit: How to make a living with your bicycle (Cycling Resources Series)

You don't need to be a professional racer to succeed at making your living by bike. This book shows the many ways it can be done-and how to go about making your business florish. The author draws upon his own experience as well as that of fellow bike-based businesses around the world. The first part of the book covers the various kinds of bicycle-powered operations that are open to full-time and part-time employment, listing what kind of equipment is needed and the practical aspects of marketing and operations. The second part of the book describes the specific requiements and modes of operation for each particular kind of business.

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