4 bike car carrier. Bicycle hitch racks.


Bike Basket With Lid : Best Dirt Bike 2011 : Trailer For Bike.

Bike Basket With Lid

bike basket with lid

Waste Can ~ 2 of 5 photos

Waste Can ~ 2 of 5 photos

Continued from last photo:

Made by a class of 5th graders some time ago . A class did it as part of a contest that the Lake County Solid Waste District had so that each student in the class won a bike.

Further info about this waste can is written up in these 5 photos. What is so amazing to me is that the cans are not applied to a surface...they have been fabricated to be a rigid, solid surface that completely forms the roundness of this waste can. The base is another hub cap.

Found on display at the currently running
"Trash To Treasure X" Art Show ~ Hammond, Indiana. Show is up until July 9th.

This is a free standing container with handles for lifting and a lid made from a hub cap. Its outstanding! the handles seem to be cut from some old vinyl belt or strapping.

See next photo.....

bento #7

bento #7

Top tier:
Pear slices wrapped in prosciutto*
Marinated antipasto salad (mozzarella balls, tomatoes, artichoke hearts

Bottom tier:
Spicy walnuts
Baby sweet potato
Pomegranate seeds

Candy fruit slices

*I know melon is the "proper" fruit to eat with prosciutto. But pears taste good with it too, and more importantly, pears take up less space in the one grocery bag I can fit in my bike basket.

bike basket with lid

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Bike For Cheap - Small Wheel Bikes

Bike For Cheap

bike for cheap

bikes before auction at the bike festival

bikes before auction at the bike festival

Too bad I didn't have a little extra cash because I would have picked up a sweet bike or two. The bike project folks set a (reasonable) reserve price for many of the bikes, so a bunch actually didn't sell. The ones sold as-is started at $10. There was a Schwinn World Sport that just needed a little TLC and I bet I could have gotten it for cheap. There was also a small Nishiki road frame just about my size, but people seemed really interested in it. I also missed out on a nice Nishiki mixte frame which would have been a nice townie bike project. Many bikes sold for $45 or so. Great deals.

Brand new bikes for Barcelona

Brand new bikes for Barcelona

This is a close look of new bikes that arrived in the bike-park just in front of France Station, in Barceloneta.
Barcelona city has just added a new service: cheap bikes for rent to move inside the city. Traffic jams must disappear. The bikes are common and work as distributed resources.

(aggia vere' cuant'e scem''a ggente)

bike for cheap

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Bike Storage Lockers : Reviews Of Folding Bikes : Free Street Bike Games.

Bike Storage Lockers

bike storage lockers

bike storage lockers - Arrow EZL83,

Arrow EZL83, Ezee Locker 8' x 3' Outdoor Storage Shed (EZL83) Category: Arrow Sheds

Arrow EZL83, Ezee Locker 8' x 3' Outdoor Storage Shed (EZL83) Category: Arrow Sheds

Item #: EZL83. DETAILS: The Ezee Series is well...Ezee! Experience the next generation of storage buildings with the new Ezee Shed line. Using exclusive "snap-together" technology, the Ezee Locker 8’ x 3’ assembles in less than two hours with snap-in connectors. All Ezee Shed buildings are backed by a 15-year limited warranty. Shelf brackets & braces included for added storage space (shelving material not included). Includes a bonus floor frame foundation kit - Perfect for a plywood floor (plywood not included).
Easy to use "snap-in" connectors. Pre-hinged doors are ready to hang! Get a big 135 cubic feet of organized storage. 15 year limited warranty.
Model# EZL83
Size: 8'x 3'
Storage Area: Sq Ft: 257' Cu Ft: 135'
Interior Dimensions: Width: 95 1/8" Depth: 37 3/8" Ht: 66 7/16"
Door Opening: Width: 47 3/4" Height: 59"
Recommended Foundation Size: Width: 97 1/2" Depth: 41 1/4"
Shipping Wt (lbs): 176
COLOR: Wall and Door Color: Eggshell. Roof , Jambs, Corner Panels and Trim Color: Taupe.
. No returns.
Customers also search for: 8x3shed ,metal shed, metalshed, medalshed, medal shed,Ezee Shed, Ezee Sheds, Arrow Shed, arrow sheds, storage shed, utility building; garden shed, tool shed, outdoor storage shed, outdoor shed, outdoor storage, backyard shed, plastic storage shed, plastic shed, utility shed, outdoor storage bench, box outdoor storage, outdoor storage cabinet, outdoor storage unit, small storage shed, container outdoor storage, outdoor storage chest, outdoor plastic shed storage, bin outdoor storage, outdoor plastic storage, box outdoor plastic storage, bicycle outdoor storage, storage shed wholesale discount storage shed

87% (15)

Bike lockers Concord, NH bus station

Bike lockers Concord, NH bus station

sorry for the crappy pic, don't know who uses these, but I haven't seen them anywhere else. I imagine you could fit more than one bike behind each door, or your riding clothes could dry in there, etc. And yes, I would probably try sleeping in there at some point too.

46th St. Station Bike Storage

46th St. Station Bike Storage

Sort of a hodgepodge of lockers and racks in response to the growing demand for bicycle storage.

bike storage lockers

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Bike Tire Changing Tool

bike tire changing tool

Rivendell Bleriot, 61cm

Rivendell Bleriot, 61cm

Pretty standard Rivendell build:
- Nitto bars, racks, and seatpost
- Velocity 36-hole rims on Deore hubs
- Shimano Dura-ace 9-speed barcons
- Panaracer Col de la vie tires
- Brooks B17 special saddle
- SKS fenders

- 105 rear derailleur (it's silver!)
- 12-25 cassette
- Nitto lugged stem
- Shimano M-324 pedals (half-flat)

- Nigel Smythe "little loafer" (big loafer on the way)
- Carradice "bike bureau" pannier

the day's acquisitions

the day's acquisitions

Bucket from a garage sale for julie to dye fabric in. Bike rim, chain and handle grips for julie's bike. Chain tool for adjusting chain length on both bikes. Tire spoons for changing the tires. Spiced pumpkin pie flavored cliff bars x2. Cliff Shot Bloks because they looked tasty.

bike tire changing tool

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Bikes Reviews : Mongoose Bikes On Sale : Aluminum Mountain Bike.

Bikes Reviews

bikes reviews

bikes reviews - Getting Ready

Getting Ready for College: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go From Bike Locks to Laundry Baskets, Financial Aid to Health Care

Getting Ready for College: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go From Bike Locks to Laundry Baskets, Financial Aid to Health Care

Getting Ready for College is the ultimate easy-to-use guide to success for college-bound seniors, first-years, and their parents. Polly Berent answers the questions you didn’t know you would need to ask:

• What’s the deal on financial aid and cash management?
• Should I bring a flashlight to school? Do I really need a microwave and a vacuum
• Should I call Mom every time I’m homesick? Will my boyfriend/girlfriend wait for me?
• Will having a credit card help me? Do I need quarters for the laundry?
• When should I lock my room? Where can I fill my prescriptions in my new town?
• Should I take intro classes or harder classes? Should I join a frat/sorority?
• How could I possibly have time to figure all this out and keep in touch with my old

This essential manual includes day planners, notes on how to take notes, tips on how to make a “real life” file, and advice from scores of college students in the trenches as well as campus health-care professionals, college counselors, administrators, and financial-aid advisers. This is everything you need to know about getting ready for college, from students and parents just like you.

88% (18)

Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade

Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade

Chris Moss Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade Bike Reviews - CIA Motorcycle Insurance



Chriss Moss YAMAHA XJR 1300 Bike Review - CIA Motorcycle Insurance

bikes reviews

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